Tuesday, 11 September 2018


One of the best things about living in London is the the amount of great places to eat and drink. I've tried quite a few popular lunch spots, but until this week, had never been to Thomas' Cafe at Burberry on Regent St. It's always been on the list of places that I've wanted to try out, so I was really excited to visit for the first time - especially since they've recently created a new cocktail and canapé menu. I couldn't resist taking a break from work, and escaping to this beautiful restaurant to sip a few martinis, spend time with one of my closest friends and get to watch the world go buy outside as I tried some delicious food.

Going out for lunch is one of my favourite things to do - especially when the restaurant is as beautiful as this one. The atmosphere of the building has such a calming energy and it's definitely a place where you can lose track of time and end up talking for hours. As per the Burberry brand, they've managed to get a perfect mix of both classic and modern inspirations when it comes to the decor. There's a great balance of antique furniture pieces, with modern and minimalist elements dotted around the high ceilinged rooms.

The food itself was of such a great quality and definitely reflects the slightly higher price point. When I'm out for lunch, I usually tend to go for the fish option, as I find this isn't too heavy for the rest of the day. The sea bream was perfect and although the portion was on the smaller side, definitely left me satisfied. Jess and I also shared a bowl of the glazed sausages, with dipping mustard, and fries. These were the clear winner and are something I've thought about since. I've always loved the flavour combination of a maple glaze and mustard, and these didn't disappoint. A definite must have if you find yourself dining here.

The menu has quite a lot of variety on, and I'm sure would suit most peoples tastes. It's divided up into clear sections, with lighter options and sandwiches for people who may not want a full course or heavier meal. There's a number of great sharing options as well, with a few dishes designed to have over cocktails and to pick at with friends or colleagues as you catch up over a drink or two. They also have daily specials, so there's always something new popping up to try.

Overall, I had such a great afternoon sampling the menu and it definitely met my expectations. I think a restaurant like this makes the perfect setting for that catch up with a friend you haven't seen for a while, or for that mid week dinner date with your loved one. I completely lost track of time when we were in there and thoroughly enjoyed talking the afternoon away, watching a slightly autumnal London outside the window, whilst sipping a martini - or two.

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