Wednesday, 9 October 2019


In most occasions, sometimes the simplest outfits are the best. It's about taking classic style and adding those finishing touches that pull the look together. The men's jewellery market has seen quite an uptake in the past few years, with more of us gents reaching for those extra accessories to help add that sense of personal style. I was recently sent The Phantom Stack from SkeletonHD (, and wanted to share how I styled them in a blog post.

I've never been someone who wears overly branded or in-your-face pieces, and definitely prefer subtle details and design elements. I think this is where SkeletonHD nailed this style. It's all black colour looks great with most outfits and the contrast in finishes of certain beads really allows the details to pop. I think they look great with this outfit and partner really well with a leather jacket for just the right amount of 'edge'.

The quality is also pretty good - a lot better than most of the high street brands I've tried, and I can tell they'll wear for a while too without the worry of the elastic breaking. The detailing on the beads is also pretty impressive, with intricate details on the main beads and skulls. 
Let's talk about the rest of the look. One of my go to pieces this time of the year is always the leather jacket. It's such a versatile piece and is something that gents of most ages can get away with wearing (dependant on the style). I wanted to keep the outfit quite simple, and like I previously said, let the small details stand out.

To keep it simple, I stuck to a monochrome colour palette, with my trusty white high waisted jeans, and a heather grey tee. The accessories were intended to tie the shoes in with the leather jacket and break up the lighter base layer. I think the subtle addition of the bracelets and other jewellery pieces work really well against the leather jacket and add a few points of interest. I'd love to know what you guys think of the look, and remember to head over to the Skeleton HD to check out their other styles!

#This blog post was sponsored by SkeletonHD, but all words and options are my own.

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