Wednesday 5 September 2018


I've never been an easy sleeper, and don't really remember the last time I slept most of the night without waking up or even managed to get the full recommended 8 hours sleep - however I can now say I've been converted. I don't know why I've alway found it hard to nod off. Maybe it's because I find it hard to switch my brain off, or that until now, I simply didn't have the right mattress. For the past month I've been trying out one of Leesa's mattresses and wanted to share with you how I got on and how much better I feel after a good nights sleep.

For those of you who don't know the brand, Leesa offer a hassle free way of ordering a new mattress online, with a stress free check out and home delivery service, arriving in a box to your door within 5-7 business days of placing your order. I've never been a fan of foam based mattresses as I've always found them too soft and usually prefer a firmer support, however the triple layer build of Leesa's mattresses offer such a comfortable night's sleep, and have given just the right amount of support without feeling like you're sinking into your bed. They also offer a 100 nights sleep trial period, where if you're unhappy with your purchase you can return it to them.

It was super easy to set up, with instructions on the top of the box for easy assembly, and was ready to sleep on within a few hours. It always surprises me how they manage to fit a full sized mattress into a box that is relatively easy to carry, however the breathable material allows plenty of airflow and expands to a great size to offer maximum comfort. It also doesn't carry a strong odour like other foam mattresses, with the original mild odour only hanging around for a few days (although I should add this as barely noticeable to begin with).


I've definitely seen a difference in my productivity levels since getting a better night's sleep. Being self employed, and working full time as a social influencer means I often work from home and manage my own time schedule, however I can sometimes find it really hard to get motivated and to wake up full of energy, ready to work. Since improving my sleeping pattern I've genuinely woken up feeling ready for the day ahead, and have managed to achieve so much more with my day. It used to take me a while to get into the swing of things, however now I've gotten into a regular sleeping regime, and am actually managing to sleep through most of the night, I wake up ready to go and read to tackle my list of jobs for the day.


The whole 'waking up on the wrong side of the bed' can be so true for some of us. I've never been too grouchy in the morning, however come the afternoon I tend to get a bit grumpy like a toddler and need an energy boost to give me a lift. Recently, I've been feeling a lot better within myself. I didn't realise how much of an impact a good night's sleep would have on my outlook as well as my physical energy levels. I feel more alert, positive and prepared. I think a decent night's sleep is something we all take for granted, however I've realised it really can do the world of good to get an early night and now I can genuinely say that I look forward to getting into my bed, and wake up feeling so much more positive than I did before.


Obviously, this is the most important thing when it comes to buying a mattress. They say the average personal will spend 229,961 hours, or a third of their life sleeping, so why settle for anything that doesn't offer top levels of comfort? I'm someone who takes a lot of pride in making their house as homely and as comfortable as possible, and love how great my bed now feels - I never want to get out of it. Even the outer cover of the Leesa Mattress is super soft and feels great. I've spent a lot more time winding down on my bed and taking time away from my phone or computer, choosing to read or  listening to music with a cup of coffee. I've managed to escape from technology a lot more, and have used my bedroom as a mini haven to relax in, and to take time out.

I can genuinely say that this is the most comfortable my bed has ever been. I'm sleeping a lot better than I did before and have found a new love for my bed. All the worries or sceptisims I may have had about the mattress, have been proved wrong and I think the great comfort and quality of the Leesa Mattress shows just how important a good night's sleep can be.

The brand also does their bit in making sure they're giving something back. For every mattress sold, Leesa plants a tree to offset their carbon footprint and donates a mattress for every ten sold to a charitable cause (with over 30,000 having already been donated worldwide).

They're also giving you guys the chance to get £100 off a mattress with the code SAMGRAY. Just click here and insert the code at the checkout! I'd love to hear how guys get on, and until then, I'll be in my bed getting the perfect night's sleep.

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