Wednesday, 26 June 2019


I don't think there are many things worse than a bad night's sleep. It seems to be a never ending cycling of tossing and turning, being too hot and then too cold, and before you know it you haven't slept a wink and the next day is ruined for you as you didn't get your well needed eight hours rest. For me, this happens a little too often for my liking during the summer, and it was time to change up my bedding to make my nights sleep both as comfortable, and practical as possible.

Now that I've been traveling a lot more, the relationship with my own bed has never been better. I was recently introduced to Beddable - a company that offers top quality bedding, and that takes the stress out of sourcing luxury bedding online. With a variety of minimal and crisp colour ways, the website allows you to shop by the individual item, or to shop in bundles (something which saves even more time and effort). I was kindly gifted a full bundle including a bed throw. I've always been a fan of crips white sheets so wanted to stick with these, but mixed it up a little with pops of gray - it's in my name after all. Their sheets also come in two finishes; Crisp and Fresh Percale or Silky and Smooth Sateen.

So why spend a little extra on good sheets? I feel with clothing, people are always up for spending a little extra to go for better quality fabrics, choosing cashmere over lambswool, or leather over plastic - so why should bedding be any different? Their sheets are 100% premium long staple cotton, meaning there aren't any synthetic fibres involved. This means your skin is able to breath whilst you sleep and that the quality of your slumber should be better. I personally love crisp cotton sheets and feel theres nothing better than sliding between them after a long day. This is where hotels have always been a winner for me, but now I have the perfect bedding at home.

I think that people over look fabrics when it comes to choosing their bedding and often go for options from their nearest department store, usually without much thought, however Beddable has made picking sheets a lot easier for us gents. Even the bedspread throw is super soft to touch and is the perfect fit for the bed. I also like that all their products work with each other, matching tones and being able to be mixed and matched to personalise each bundle depending on the owners bedroom. I definitely urge you guys to check them out and would love to know your thoughts. Happy sleeping!

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