Saturday 11 June 2016


I couldn't go to New York and not feature a few outfit posts. I wanted to take these trousers with me as I love the fit and wanted to show how else they can be worn (see my previous post). They are part of a two piece suit from Topman, and are featured in their recent 'This is Tailoring' campaign. I mixed the suit with a striped jersey top before, but wanted to team it up with a plain white tee for a day in the sunny downtown area of Manhattan. 

To smarten the look up, and keep it looking styled, I tucked in the tee and chose a more slim fit option. This worked with the slim line of the trouser, but kept it looking relaxed with the rolled cuffs at the ankle and t-shirt sleeves. Adding your classic leather accessories also completes the look - opting for timeless, finishing touches. It creates another texture and breaks up the blocks of colour - adding another tone to the outfit.

I find it important to dress for the season and this look was perfect for a hot day exploring the streets of Soho. It's a classic outfit and can be mixed around to suit your taste and preference in colour/fits. It kept me cool and earned me a few compliments as I was out and about. I like the slight nod to the 50's and an era of sharp tailoring and teddy-boys - which was perfect for a visit to America. 

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