Wednesday 8 June 2016


I've always enjoyed watching other people travel video's. It's a great way to see what they get up to, and for getting idea's for when it's your turn. I wanted to keep a video diary of the things I saw and places I visited whilst in New York. I've seen so much of it in films and on TV, that I thought I knew what to expect, but I'm so glad I was able to still be blown away by this amazing city.

I didn't want to film an ordinary vlog series and spend the whole time talking to the camera, so  thought I'd film a few snapshots of each day and then compile the clips into a quick video once I was back. I think you get a better feel for what it was like this way and for the places I visited without having to go through hours of me talking when I'm sure you'd much rather see this amazing place.

I've never been so excited to get somewhere. This was my first time in the city and it's somewhere that I'll definitely be returning to. The first day was spent traveling from London. We arrived around lunch time, checked into the hotel and explored the Times Square and 5th Avenue Area's of NY. It was a great first evening, and of course - I had to check out the shops around the hotel. Central Park was also a must-stop destination on the trip. It looked incredible at sun down and was one of the highlights from my stay.

I'd also recommend using the NYC Water Taxi service. It's a brilliant way to see a number of the sights in one go, as well as getting to ride down the Hudson River. You get to see the statue of liberty whilst onboard and it sails within 100 meters of the island so there's no need to get off to take those holidays snaps by paying the ticket price. The downtown area is a lot more built up than midtown, but each district within Manhattan is completely different from the next so it's worth visiting as many as possible, to get the best insight to the city.

Soho was my favorite place and if I had the choice, is where I'd love to live one day. It's home to the traditional New York town house that you see in films and has some of the best shops in New York. It felt really laid back and was a great place to spend a sunny afternoon, grabbing a cold coffee and wondering in and out of the boutiques and picturesque street's. Overall, I had an amazing time. I did so much, but still managed to return home feeling relaxed and as if I'd achieved something special. New York is a brilliant city and I honestly can't wait to return.
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