Saturday 25 June 2016


A few months back I received an email asking if I'd be interested in appearing in a 'Male Style Bloggers' feature, in the next issue of Blogosphere Magazine. I was so grateful that I'd been chosen seeing as my blog hadn't been around for the longest of times, and that my work had been recognized by a published magazine. I of course said yes, and set about discussing my views and answering the questions they had for me.

If you didn't know, Blogosphere is a magazine written by bloggers, for the blogging and social media community. It's released quarterly, and distributed internationally for it's readers. It's split into a number of different categories with spotlight features for selected blogs, interviews and reviews. Cover people include Marcus Butler, Lily Pebbles and most recently Ella Grace Denton for Issue 9.

If you want to know more then head over to their site, pick up an issue in your nearest WH Smiths or in Selfridges, or download a digital copy. They also hold regular events and meet ups, so check out their social media pages for the next dates and details.
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1.  What inspired you to start a male style blog?

It’s been something that I’ve been interested in starting for a while now. I’ve always taken a strong interest in clothing trends and love how this can be expressed through blogging. I graduated from drama school last summer and have been looking for a hobby to give my time too. It’s something that my friends have always suggested and I finally thought I’d give it a go. I felt there was a lack of male bloggers who focussed on style advice for your ‘every day guy’, which is something I’ve tried to get across on my blog.

2. How does it feel trying to break into the world of male style blogging?

I’ve found the whole process really exciting. It’s proven a great way to express my own style and interests and to connect with others. It’s still early days, but I can’t wait to see what else comes along and how my blog will develop over time. It’s great to see how interest in male style and lifestyle blogging has grown online!

3. What techniques/social media do you use to promote your blog?

The dreaded hashtag is a great way for people to find your posts - especially when you’re starting out. It can be a little tiresome at first, but eventually you’ll start to gain an audience who take an interest in what you’re doing. I use both Instagram (@samgrayblog) and Twitter (@samueljgray) to share my latest blog posts and to post other content that I think others will like, but more importantly, that I enjoy creating myself. They’re also great ways to connect with other bloggers and to share ideas with like minded people.

4. Who are your favourite male style bloggers to follow?

I follow quite a few, but my top recommendations would be @timbryanofficial, @stevebooker and @imdrewscott. They have their own style and have a great aesthetic to their content. I regularly find myself looking to their posts for inspiration when I’m choosing what to wear. They’re all really different to each other, but have managed to make their blogs quite universal in terms of audience and style choices - definitely worth checking them out.

5. How do you go about taking outfit photos?

When it comes to taking outfit photo’s, I don’t really follow any set rules. All my photo’s are taken on my Olympus Pen EPL7, which connects to my phone for easy uploads. I usually feature outfits that I’ve recently got my hands on and like to show what I’ve been wearing. I’m keen on varying my content, but like to show how some pieces can be worn in different ways. The only tip I do have is that I always make sure the background of my shot, matches the same colour/theme of the outfit. I find this balances the whole look of my posts and improves the look of my pictures. Outfit posts are a great way to showcase your own style, so even if you don’t have a decent camera, a bedroom mirror selfie never hurt anyone!

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