Sunday 1 July 2018


There's nothing worse than being stuck in a humid city during the summertime and getting on the tube if you live in London like myself. As the temperature rises, people's style choices seem to take a drastic hit as they loose all sense of style in favour of staying cool, when in reality one doesn't need to take priority over the other. I've teamed up with Simon Carter and Base London Shoes to share with you one of my top looks this season and my tips on how to stay looking your best this summer.

For those of you who need to dress smarter for work or who aren't a fan of shorts and a t-shirt (I know I'm not), then linen is your best friend. Where it's such a lightweight and easily wearable fabric,  a linen shirt is going to keep you cool, and will make sure you still have that smart edge to your outfit. You don't just have to wear these with trousers. Throw on a pair of well cut chino shorts and you'll have the perfect laid back summer look. For me, I love this shade of blue as it reminds me of trips to Greece and adds a bit of character and flair into my wardrobe without going too heavy with a print, or boring with a standard white shirt.

I love a cropped tailored trouser. There's nothing wrong with showing a bit of ankle during the summer, especially if you've got a great pair of loafers to compliment the look. Where the shirt is relatively lightweight, I wanted to balance the look with a pair of tailored trousers to add a bit of structure. These are still really breathable and mean you're not going to get too hot. They'd also look great just with a white t-shirt for a different, but still just as stylish look, and Simon Carter have plenty of options to pick from.

Let's talk accessories. I feel this is where we get the chance to play around and add a bit of flair to the look. Every man needs at least two great watches in his wardrobe - one with a leather, and one with a metal strap. A watch is a mans version of jewellery, and can add an important, and practical detail to any look. I don't like anything too oversized as I feel weighed down, but this watch was the perfect add on, with the bracelet, for this look.

A decent bag is also a must have. Let's be honest - most of us will end up at a bar or pub somewhere after work for a couple of drinks, so it can be a good idea to take a jacket or spare change of clothes for when we've left the office. A decent sized holdall is a must, as we don't want to overfill our pockets with our keys, wallet and other pieces we need to get around. This one is made from a great tweed fabric and I love the leather detailing. It also adds another texture to the outfit - something I always rave about on this site and will stand the test of time with its classic design and fabrics.

I'm a huge fan of a loafer, especially in the summer, when some of the heftier alternatives are too warm. They're relatively lightweight and give a nod to Italian tailoring and fashions, arguably one of the best dressed nations in the world. These are from Base London, and the high shine leather really finishes the look. I usually love a pair with a tassel but for this summer outfit, I thought a penny-loafer would do just the job. Dressing for the summer is about finding that balance between still looking presentable but making sure you can cool off. Roll the sleeves on your shirt, go for lightweight fabrics and make sure you inject a bit of colour and character into the look. Think practically, but always make sure taste and style isn't be compromised.

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