Saturday 6 February 2016


I sometimes forget to look at the homeware pieces in Urban, but made the right choice by popping in there today. If you're into different metallic tones and minimalistic detailing - now is definitely the time to be a buying a few things when we get paid at the end of the month. I picked out a few of my favourite pieces and also had a brief look online. My current taste in home decor is a mix of charcoal/slate tones with added hints of metals and dark wood. It makes it extremely easy to shop for as I haven’t settled for a particular shade.

The map and constellation posters are actually wrapping paper, but they are great quality and would look great framed or hung on the wall (I’m still deciding whether to buy a few and hang them above my bed). I couldn't find them online but your nearest store may have them in stock - plus they're only £5! They have that antique explorer feel to them which would suit a bedroom or office space really well. Throw down a Moroccan rug and add a few ferns to really complete this look.

I feel people can overlook the finer details when piecing together a room. I find that it can either become overly cluttered or too minimalistic and not feel like a home at all. I like to stick to odd numbers, preferably groups of three, when organising nik-naks. I feel using different heights works well too as it balances out the space. Thats what I love about the different trinket boxes and photo frames that they currently have both online and instore. The mix of metallic tones is really in trend and is easy to do. As I mentioned in my previous home decor post, I've sprayed a few old frames and items with gold spray paint and they've come up really well. I do love the geometric shapes used in these frames and candle holders and feel they'd look great on a bedside cabinet or office desk against a fresh white background.

Candles are also another great touch to any room and this one by PF Candle Co. has both a great scent and appearance. Sometimes candles can smell a little too feminine but this one has a quite a masculine, warm scent. It would be great in a guys apartment and smells amazing! I like the glass colour and feel it could be one of those jars that you keep long after the candles burnt out. If you're thinking of updating your room or just buying a few new pieces, I seriously recommend taking a look at Urban. The metallic and dark tone look is really easy to achieve and only really takes a few items to pull the room together.

CANDLE: £20 | Here
SCRATCH MAP: £20 | Here
CHALK GLOBE: £30 | Here
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