Sunday 28 February 2016


Long gone are the days when you only think of school shoes when you hear somebody mention Clarks. A must have shop on any British high street, Clarks have started to deliver a high level of fashion focussed product targeted at the younger, more stylish customer. These shoes are part of the new Spring collection and I love them.

Made from a supersoft suede, the brown leather detailing make them a sure must have for the Spring season. The contrast in colours make them quite easy to pair up as part of an outfit. I've found that darker trousers or denim looks best, but a lighter wash would work great as part of a more casual/summer look. They also have a rubber bottom meaning you won't be sliding around on wooden floors or slipping on train station steps.

They are really comfortable which isn't what you always get with your other high street brands. The cushioned Ortholite insole meant that I was able to wear them for a long day in London without them starting to rub or make my feet ache. I've worn them most days this week and still haven't found any discomfort which is rare for a new pair of shoes! 

What sold them to me was the vintage inspired look. I love brands that take something traditional and add a modern twist onto their pieces of clothing. I have a slight obsession with browns shoes so these were a nice compromise for trying something new. They've been really creative with the branding also, just adding a small 'Clarks' signature near the ankle.

Overall I can't recommend them enough. They are super comfortable, great quality and look brilliant! They are priced at £70, which for these I think is great. If you're after a comfortable, high quality new pair of shoes, then look no further. The light colour might not be your thing, but they offer the same shoe in a dark brown. I would recommend buying suede protector just to prolong the wear of your shoes and to protect them against any rain. They also have a great range of other styles available so pop into store or have a look online to check them out.

The Hawkley Walk (As Shown) | £70 | Here
The Hawkley Walk (Dark Brown) | £70 | Here
Clarks Men's Collection | Here
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