Friday, 1 May 2020


So we all have our favourite go to brands or stores, and seeing as most of the world is on lockdown right now, it's been impossible for us to head into a shop to look at the new seasons offerings and to find new clothes for ourselves. I wanted to make the task of scrolling the internet for a new outfit a little easier, by piecing together three looks, from three brands, at three different price points. This may be the start of a new 'series' for me, as I style an outfit for different occasions or people and shop some of the hughstreet, and internet's, top fashion destinations.

This time I wanted to focus on three of my favourite 'brands' and went for H&M, Reiss and Mr Porter - all of which are popular with most guys, and offer a varied style and pieces of a good quality and design. I had intended to just run this as a video series on youtube, however I know some fo you prefer reading a blog post, or having something little more visual to refer back to. Let's get going with the first look!


This outfit is probably the most typical of my own style, and is made up of pieces that should fit into most people's wardrobes. It's minimal in colour and pattern, but the timeless pieces and scandi inspired design makes it perfect for guys who don't like a lot of colour or who want to strip back their own style and streamline their wardrobe. Revere collar shirts are here to stay and have been a seasonal favourite for a few years now and for this look I wanted to layer it up over this linen-blend t-shirt. I'd tuck the t-shirt into the chinos and leave the shirt open for a lighter feel and to show the pattern underneath. These sandals are a great price and I think the colour will only look better with wear. Finish the look with this pair of glasses, and you have the perfect minimal spring style that didn't break the bank to achieve.


This is probably my favourite look out of the three, yet is the one with the highest price point. It features a number of pieces from Mr Porters in house brand - Mr P. Priding themselves on being the top mens fashion destination online, Mr Porter stock some serious names within the fashion industry, as well as some lesser know designers who's pieces promote good quality, design and cutting edge fashion. In keeping with my current revere collar addiction, I went for this patterned shirt, layered over the ecru t-shirt (one of my favourite colours right now) and paired this with a light tone trouser. I had to include another contracting tone, and when this overskirt caught my eye I thought the blue really complimented the warmer orange tones of the shirt. The Gucci loafers are my favourite thing here and I've worn my own pair to death, so have my sights set on this pair. Finish the look with a few pieces of minimal jewellery for those added details.


Reiss is probably a fan favourite with you guys, and most gents out there. The classically elegant style and design of their collections compliments a number of peoples body shapes and individual style. Their pieces can be a little expensive at times, but you get what you're paying for. With a muted colour palette and sleek silhouette, Reiss likes to to play with mixing sporting inspired pieces with tailoring influences. I wanted to put together a slightly 'preppy' look here and went for a long sleeved shirt, over a navy tee for those added layers. The belted trousers in this look are incredible, and I knew I had to include them the second I came across them. Once again, tuck the tee into the trousers and leave the shirt open, or ditch it if it's a warmer day. Throw on this pair of simple white trainers, sockless of course, and finish off with a baseball a for a sportier edge.

I'd love to know if you have a favourite look out of the three above, or brand for that matter. As I said, this may be something I choose to continue so if you have any brands or certain outfits that you'd like me to focus on, then get in touch on social media! The idea behind this is to show you that you can achieve a thought out outfit, and hopefully one that matches your own style, with most budgets. It's not about spending the most to look the best, but instead it's about focusing on good quality brands that match how you want to look.

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