Saturday 22 June 2019


With city breaks, most people want to cram in as much as they can, but don’t always know where to start. This was my first time in Amsterdam so I had no idea where to go or what to see. Luckily quite a few of you sent me recommendations over on Instagram and I managed to get a few ideas before we got there. This definitely saved on time wondering around aimlessly - although this can sometimes be quite nice. I thought I’d share a few places we tried out for both food, drinks and sightseeing, incase you’ve got a trip coming up or want a few tips.

I feel no trip to Amsterdam would be complete without hiring bikes. The city is actually quite big, so getting around can take some time, and since it’s built around numerous canals, getting around by car can either take a long time, or be completely impossible. There are cycle lanes in certain areas, but you can always practice in quieter areas or around the parks if you want to get your confidence up before hitting the main routes. It was a great way to see the sights whilst cycling, passing numerous landmarks and points of interest. It also meant we could just stop off whenever and wherever we wanted. We hired these from outside our accommodation, and spent €21 for 24 hours (including insurance).

This is one of the first places we checked out after arriving. I’m a huge pancake fan and this came up very highly recommended. They offer both savoury and sweet pancakes, with a variety of toppings - no matter how crazy. It’s definitely an instagram hotspot but the food actually tastes as good as it looks! If you’re feeling a bit bouji, they even have pancakes for €100, served on a golden Versace plate, with Versace cutlery and gold leaf, and a glass of champagne to wash it down. Other dishes cost between €10-€18.

Yes, another food place - this time something a little more traditional to the Dutch culture. I’ve had these before but never a freshly made one, and judging by the line of people queueing out the door, I knew they wouldn’t disappoint. With a load of different toppings and sizes, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. I’d recommend going earlier on in the day, or avoiding the post lunch rush to save waiting times. These cost between €4.50 - €7.50 depending on the size.

With so many waterways and canals, you’d be silly to miss out on exploring the city by water. In a city with so much history, the smaller details can go unnoticed, but by enjoying one of the many boat tours of the city, you’ll get to learn and notice things you wouldn’t have done by yourself. Most of them last an hour, and the size of the boat depends on the company you go with, with some offering private 8 people trips and huge tourist boats fitting up to 100, only able to navigate the wider canals. We went for a 25 person option, and managed to learn so much about the city and we bathed in the sun with a glass of rose, as our tour guide showed us various points of interest and gave his version of the city. There are various places to find these cruises, however the most convenient place we found, was right outside Anne Franks house, where various boats and companies are there the purchase tickets from either in advance, or on the spot. We paid €16 for an hours boat trip.

If either yourself, or someone in your trip is vegan, then definitely check this place out - and definitely check it out even if you’re not! Think brightly coloured, Instagram worthy food that not only looks like a work of art, but that tastes amazing too. Vegan food can carry a bland reputation, but their meat-alternative menu didn’t disappoint. Some of the portions are quite big, so I definitely recommend sharing if you’re not a big eater. Menu prices vary.

No city would be complete without a rooftop bar, and luckily we had one right next to where we were staying. The A’dam Lookout offers panoramic views of the city, starting at Central station, reaching beyond the rest of Amsterdam. They even have swings that hangover the edge for an additional fee (€5) and a terrace area with bean bags for you to chill with a drink as you watch the sun set. We did this on our final night and it was a great way to celebrate the trip with each other. Entry was €20 which included 2 drinks each.

We found this place by chance and for me, it was the best meal we had during the trip. It has a similar vibe to both Sketch in London, mixed with Maliki for those tropical vibes. We happened to go on the night of their third birthday so they did have a mini party on, which definitely helped with the atmosphere. Their menu had a variety of different dishes on (pizzas, steak, salad, burger etc), but for me the winner was their cocktail menu. I'm a huge fan of an Old Fashioned and their Coconut Old Fashioned was a game changer. I'd also recommend their truffle and parmesan pizza. Note: It is a little further out of the city centre, but definitely worth a trip!

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