Wednesday, 19 June 2019


I think packing for a city break can always be a little stressful, especially when you’re only taking hand luggage and can’t overpack or take everything with you. I’ve always been an overpacker, and manage to convince myself that I’m going to need clothes and belongings for every thinkable scenario. Last weekend I went to Amsterdam for a long weekend with Clink Hostels, and thought I’d share the outfits I took and a few ideas of what to take on a city break.

Clink are an award winning hostel group, both here in London and in Amsterdam. Both different in size and style, each location offers and affordable travel base, with a variety of accommodation options, in the heart of two major cities, and make the perfect base for any city break traveller whether by yourself or in a group. Their ultimate aim is to offer a great guest experience, with social communal spaces an comfortable dorms. Clink NOORD is is Amsterdam's cool Noord district, and is a short (free) ferry ride from Amsterdam's Central Station. They are currently running an Early Bird Offer which can save you up to 20% by booking in advance.

Let’s start with travel. I’ve never been one to rock up to the airport in sweatpants and a hoodie, but that doesn’t mean I don’t travel in comfort and style at the same time. Early morning flights mean it’s usually still quite cold by the time you leave the house, so a jacket is always needed. I’d checked the weather for Amsterdam before leaving so knew to expect a little rain, and opted for a classic trench coat as it’s telitovly lightweight, looks semi-smart and is practical should we get rain. I partnered this with a striped tee, elasticated trousers and a pair of oxblood loafers. These were also pieces I planned on wearing when we got there.

Once we’d arrived a wanted to quickly freshen up and change before heading out. After being up and travelling for a few hours, I always jump in the shower and try to freshen up a little before heading off to explore. I switched out my top half for a black tee and leather jacket, and put on a pair of simple white trainers.

I always like to change for dinner after a day of exploring and opted for a printed shirt, over a navy tee and navy cords, finished off with my oxblood loafers. It was quite warm in the evening so I didn’t need a jacket, however the trench coat would have gone with this outfit should I have needed it.


We had a full day of exploring planned so I wanted to be both comfortable and practical. We hired bikes to get around faster so I knew I needed sturdy footwear and that my loafers wouldn’t really work. I grabbed a pair of lace up boots (one of my favourite pairs), a pair of ripped jeans, white tee and my trench. I also had a small leather backpack that I was taking with me everywhere as well.

As I wanted to get quite a bit of content whilst I was there, I did change into another outfit after lunch this day, making the most of the location opportunities. I kept the bottom half the same, but changed the top half. I switched the white tee out for a light grey, put on a brown denim jacket with contrast stitching and a grey baker boy hat. I think this was my favourite look from the trip and really gave off the European city vibe.

For dinner that night we were going to a restraint/bar and planned on going out after so I didn’t want anything too smart. I kept on the blue jeans, switched back to the white tee and grabbed my leather jacket. In an ideal world I would have worn a pair of black boots, but since packing space was limited, I kept the tan ones on.


For our final day I went back to the same outfit I’d worn on the first night seeing as this hasn’t been on for long, and the short sleeve shirt was perfectly suited to the warmer weather. If you wanted, you could ditch the tee underneath the shirt and just go for the button down if you wanted. As is shot everything else, I didn’t change into a second look that day until we travelled home.

For the flight home, which was late evening, I kept on the navy tee and went back to the white trousers I’d originally flown in. These were the comfiest bottoms I’d taken with me so I knew they’d be a good option for a last night flight. I put the trench coat on for another layer and wore my loafers for a smarter finish.

I think when it comes to packing for a short weekend city break, you need to think both practicality and how useful each pieces will be. I wore everything I packed more than once, meaning I could mix outfits up and switch bits outs for a different look. It also meant that I were to get a stain on something, I knew I wouldn’t be stuck for the rest of the trip. I’d say to avoid statement pieces if you’re limited on space and weight as these will limit your outfit options, but remember to still pack pieces you feel good in and love to wear. When it comes down to it, you’ll probably end up enjoying your trip regardless of what you’re wearing!

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