Friday, 29 May 2020


In the past few years, I've definitely broken away from my regular day to day style, and have taken time to try out new pieces and ways of styling them. Up until last year I was never really someone who wore jewellery through fear or not being 'edgy' enough or able to pull it off. Thankfully, that's not changed and I love mixing minimal pieces with my daily looks for an added post of interest and personality. I wanted to share with you some of my favourite pieces and how I like to wear them.

I've started to grow my jewellery collection with a mixture of pieces I've collected over time. From an antique ring that used to belong to my grandparents, to modern day minimal cuffs, there's such a range of styles out there for us gents nowadays meaning we can accessorise for most occasions and settings. I wanted to start with two of the newest additions to the collection, and two pieces that most of us could start with, seeing as they're relatively minimal in design and versatile. Both the Stag Cuff and Frame Necklace are from the LA based brand Miansai and I think the sleek design, and quality craftsmanship make these great 'starter' pieces for someone who is after good quality, understated jewellery pieces. With these pieces, I think the trick is simplicity and contrast when it comes to picking your outfit. Off set the bright gold tones with a dark base and keep it block coloured.

If you're a little more adventurous and want to play with the idea of layering up pieces, you can create some really good looks. When it comes to necklaces, make sure you're getting a range of different lengths and although I prefer to stick to one metal tone at a time, you can always try mixing different tones together. Play around with different pendants and plain chains to really add interest and flair. I often like to do this with bracelets, or cuffs, and rings as well. Stack them on your wrist and mix a few different rings to accessorise your look. This always makes me lean towards a slightly 'grungier' look, however you can always make a few silver bracelets look extremely smart with the right look. Here I've featured the Mini Dove Necklace from Miansai as well as a few pieces from Astrid and Miu and Topman.

*This post features gifted products from Miansai

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