Sunday, 20 May 2018


If you're an avid reader of my blog, or someone who has been following me for a while, you'll see that I haven't posted a lot recently. To be honest - in three months. I've had quite a few people ask why this is, and frankly, I wanted to give myself a break and time to rethink my approach. I think it's always important for anyone who works in some sort of creative job to take time to themselves every once in a while so that they can get some rest, and be able to reevaluate what it is they want to do.

I felt that I'd gotten to the stage where I was creating content for the sake of creating content, and it didn't run true with what I had initially set out to do. I really enjoy writing and sharing my opinions in my own creative way, and overtime my spark had gone and I'd lost the love of Blogging. It can be quite a closed and competitive industry at times and figures, especially around your following, can get on top of you. Why is it some accounts grow a lot faster than others? Why do some people get brand collaborations that I don't? and Why is it some people who put no work into it, get the biggest outcome? The truth is - that's life. Life isn't fair and neither is any field of work. I've been able to appreciate and trust what I do, without feeling the need to compare myself to others and by doing this have felt a lot happier with what I'm doing.

Since starting my blog, I've always wanted to stay true to my own style and haven't gone down the sportswear or fast-fashion route, always trying to keep to my own identity and trust what I'm doing, even if it may have been the bigger crowd-pleaser. Time away from writing allowed me to take inspiration from other areas, focus on building my current brand, and spend more time with friends and family (something everyone can appreciate).

So what's next? Well...I'm finally going full time with my blog at the start of June and leaving my job at Topman Personal Shopping. Although it's been a great year for me, I always promised myself that when the work/blog balance was getting too much, I'd take the leap and have enough faith in what I was doing. Yes, I could fail miserably and be living off cereal for the next few months, but if I don't take the risk, I'll never know. This week also see's me jetting off to South Africa for a holiday with two of my closest friends (@CopperGarden & @AdrianStanley_). You can expect plenty of travel photos, safari inspired outfit shots and insta-stories of me enjoying the sun. And then?...who knows. Good news is, I'm finally back with new ideas and have enjoyed taking time to trust what I do, trust in my abilities and to trust that everything will fall into place.

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