Monday, 14 May 2018


Being a brand I've featured before, I thought you guys might like to hear my thoughts on Murdock London's newest grooming product releases. They recently sent me a box of hair care products to try out, and to share with you guys. It's always nice to write about, and review something apart from fashion, and I feel men's grooming products are just as important to a gentlemen as his wardrobe is. Do it right, and your bathroom shelf will be a go-to haven of products that you can always rely on keeping you looking your best. 

With any sort of shampoo or conditioner, I always want it to leave my hair soft and moisturised, whilst maintaining a fresh and pleasant scent. These do just that, offering great results that last throughout the day. The sulphate free formula stops your hair and scalp from drying up, and leaves it feeling nourished. They recommend two pumps of each product, but I found where my hair is quite thick, three or four pumps of the conditioner gave the desired effect I was after. 

Let's move on to the hair styling products. With so many different products out there from Clays, to Waxes and Gels, where do we start? This depends on your hair type and the type of look you're going for. Starting with the Sea Salt Spray - if you're after volume and a natural wave, this product will definitely deliver. Use on either wet or dry hair, and work through the hair with your fingers until you've created enough texture and volume. A few sprays of this was more than enough, and I found using it on wet hair, and then using a hair dryer to work the product in with my fingers, gave the best result. Unlike other salt sprays I've used, this didn't leave my hair looking greasy and gave volume that held throughout the day. 

Their Texture Paste is most similar to the one I currently use in my grooming routine and does exactly what it says on the tin - offers texture to the hair with a very low sheen and a soft hold. It has a good consistency that can easily be worked through dry hair, and works well at adding separation and definition. If you prefer styling your hair with something that almost looks like you've used nothing, then this is for you.

Last but not least is their Matt Mud, a non-shine shaping clay, rich in Kaolin and Vitamin E, that offers a dry matte finish with a strong hold. As instructed, this is better for shorter hair and is best used when applied with your fingers to wet hair. This makes the product more malleable and easier to style. This is the product that offers the firmest hold out of all the three they sent me, so if you like something that holds it's shape and that is malleable, I'd definitely recommend this. All of the products they sent delivered to a high standard, something that Murdock London always does well. My favourite has to be the Sea Salt Spray, however there are a lot of other products within the range for you to try for yourselves, and to work into your own grooming routine. 

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