Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Everyone has one or two areas on their body that they'd probably change if they were given the chance. Growing up, I always hated how unsymmetrical my chin was, and how it was higher on one side. A lot of my friends and family didn't even realise it was an issue, but this was always something that bothered me. Being a blogger, and taking numerous pictures a week for instagram and blog posts, it always stood out to me and meant I'd spend extra time editing it out and sifting through images that didn't show it. I finally decided that now was the right time to do something about it.

The idea of having a surgical procedure isn't something that should be rushed into and of course, there are a number of ways to achieve the desired result for most problem areas. For me, I didn't want to go 'under the knife' as such and knew that dermal fillers would be able to give the desired result. I hadn't decided on where I would go for the procedure until I visited Viva Skin Clinics with my friend Jess (@CopperGarden) for her botox treatment, which is where I met Dr Ruper Critchley. We chatted about the procedure and possibility of booking me in over the next few weeks. I immediately felt relaxed and at ease with him, which is what you want when going into something like this. He has a wealth of training and experience so I knew I'd be in safe hands and be walking away with a great result!

Between my first meeting and the day of treatment, I made sure to read up on dermal fillers and the procedure so that I wasn't going in to this blind. This was my first cosmetic procedure and I feel anyone undergoing something like this should make sure they are aware of what can happen and how to be best prepared for both the day of and aftercare. This was all information that I was given my Dr Rupert as well, so I went in to this nerve-free and with complete trust. When I arrived at the clinic I filled in all the necessary paperwork and was met by Dr Rupert who led me through to the practise room. We went through exactly what I was after once again, so that we were both on the same page and discussed the different ways we could achieve the best results. Where I was after symmetry correction, this meant we would focus on specific areas of my chin/jaw to balance it out and even it out from all angles.

The first question everyone has asked since having it done is 'did it hurt?', and I can honestly say not at all! He numbed the area with a cream before injecting the fillers which stopped any pain. I could feel a slight pressure on the surface, but nothing that caused discomfort or pain. He used a few different entry points to get an even result and constantly checked the overall shape to match it to the other side. The whole procedure from arriving at the clinic to leaving took around 40 minutes which included taking both before and after photos and have a good talk through it all. Once complete, he also gave me after care information and explained how the result would last 9-12 months before upkeep was needed and that I should avoid things like sunbeds, swimming pools and saunas for the next couple of days.

I was immediately blown away by the result and completely loved how it looked! Due to the nature of having injections, the area does swell slightly, but this was gone after two days and there was no bruising at all so you're ready to go the second you leave the chair. For me it wasn't about looking perfect, but about enhancing and adapting a focal point that I wanted changing for confidence reasons. It's a small change, but something that has already had a big impact for me. I've already had a number of you message me about having it done, and am happy to answer any questions you have if you're thinking about having it done yourselves.

I'd like to thank Dr Rupert and the team at Viva Skin Clinics for teaming up with me for this treatment and for making the whole procedure so relaxed and positive. The price for this procedure starts at £350 and their full treatment and price list is available here.

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