Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Something that I really want to achieve this year is getting to travel more. I've found that over past few years, I've been visiting the same places and it's about time I ventured out and tried some new surroundings. Currently, the top place on my list has to be Italy. There's something so charming and sophisticated about the country and culture it represents and whether its the buildings, food or fashion, Italy has it's own way of doing things that other countries can't replicate. The Italian gentlemen can often give us British guys a run for our money when it comes down to tailoring and piecing together those sharp looks that they're known for. I thought I'd share a few key pieces from one of their luxury brands Canali, known for its elegant Made in Italy suits, to help us all with a bit of inspiration and to get me ready for my future travels.

When it comes to tailoring, it's all about clean lines and a slimmer fit. Each piece is expertly made and whether it's a classic two piece, or something with a modern touch, these guys truly know how to tailor a suit. Italians are know for their fabrics and Canali's choices sit themselves way above the rest.

One of the brands key style tips sits around 'Contrast and Balance' and talks about how to pick the finer details when it comes to adding accessories to a suit. This includes mixing both pattern and block colour to create depth to a look as well as mixing up different textures when it comes to choosing fabrics for a well balanced and effortless look.

I've always appreciated the clean and understated colour palette when it comes to those classic Italian pieces. Whether it's soft blue, neutrals or clean blacks, they often know how to layer different tones and prints to pull a look together. It's all about lighter cottons and linen in the summer and soft wools and cashmere in the winter as the temperature drops and more layers are necessary, whilst the colour choices darken and get richer in tone. Dress shirts can be swapped out for roll neck sweaters to achieve that iconic Italian tailoring look whilst moving away from the standard shirt and tie combo.

For me, Italian style is all about giving the modern day gent an elegant touch whilst maintaining the classic masculinity through a strong silhouette and sophisticated colour and fabric choices.Whether it's tailoring, relaxed sportswear inspired pieces, or a simple shirt, Italian brands such as Canali demonstrate style to the highest quality and their pieces and perfect for any style conscious guys who want that timeless and lasting wardrobe.

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