Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Being a blogger, I regularly receive packages from various brands, but it's on a very rare occasion that as much care and attention is taken in making the boxing as perfect as the product. I'm a firm believer of treating yourself to a few luxuries every now and again and investing in good quality basics that will stand the test of time, so welcomed one of Fisher & Woordes cashmere scarves with open arms. Now that the weather has turned, and the days are colder, wrapping up warm and layering up is a key priority each day when I reach into my wardrobe and they definitely offer high quality accessories for us guys, that will take us right through the season and into next year. 

A new name to the menswear market, Fisher and Woordes offer top quality accessories for us guys who want to add that something special to our outfits. They currently have three colour options in their cashmere scarves and beanies, and also produce expertly made leather belts in classic colours with a timeless design.

The moment I received the package, I knew I was on to something special. The sleek design and clean branding makes their products the perfect gift to give this season and is a clear demonstration of the care and attention that goes into their products. Super-soft to touch and expertly made, the cashmere scarf is a staple in any gent's wardrobe and offers a variety of looks for any occasion.

I've always sought after a clean and timeless style, with items in my wardrobe that are interchangeable and compliment each other and their products fit right into this. Offering grey, black and camel, the colour pallet works for any time of the year and can be paired with a tuxedo just as well as a simple overcoat for a walk around the city. I decided to go for the black option as I wanted something to wear with one of my favourite outerwear pieces this season - the camel overcoat.

Style can say a lot about a guy which is why I always feel its important to take pride in how you're dressing and present yourself. If you're going to buy something that you plan to to wear a lot, definitely invest in quality as it'll stand the test of time and won't go out of style. This is also true if you're buying someone a gift. You want them to know you've made the effort to pick something of quality and that shows the attention and care that went into it.

It's already become one of my favourite finds this season and has been worn with numerous outfits over the past week. The timeless design and soft touch make it my perfect go to each morning and it never looks out of place with any outfit. It's also very warm and feels great against the skin, something other wool types don't offer. I definitely recommend you check Fisher and Woordes out, if you're looking to inject that touch of luxury to your wardrobe.

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