Wednesday, 13 September 2017


It seems more guys are taking interest in their physical appearance than ever before, and grooming products are something you seem to want to know about. I've had a number of comments and messages recently asking what I like to use, from fragrances to what's in my skincare routine. I find everyone is looking for something different since most of our skin types and personal preferences vary, however here are a few items I always go back to time after time, that deliver good results and won't break the bank!

Shaving can be the bane of my life sometimes, with my skin often becoming irritated and uncomfortable. I feel that using a decent pre-save product can work wonders and can set you up without any trouble in the long run. Something I feel most of us guys can benefit from is a shaving oil. It can used as part of your normal shaving routine and is easy to use. It softens the hair, hydrates the skin and allows the razor to glide across the face without snagging or irritation. My favourite has to be L'Occitane's oil featuring cade, which has its own strengthening and antiseptic properties. It smells great, goes a long way and gives great results. | L'Occitane - £22.00

Every now and again product will come along that will change your life and this is definitely one of these! I first tried out the LQD Skincare range back in June and haven't looked back. On the occasion that my skin becomes irritated, I immediately reach for their FACE Calm - a soothing creme that instantly cools the skin and prevents any further irritation or redness. All their products are fragrance free, free from animal testing and are free from all know skin irritants. | Online or in Harrods - £45

This has been my favourite fragrance for a number of years now and is always the one I turn to on a day to day basis. Although Mont Blanc is a worldwide luxury brand, the price point for the fragrance is extremely good and the scent has a long wear. With top notes of Italian bergamot and french lavender, it compliments any occasion and the woody elements give it a warmth and sophistication that I haven't found elsewhere. It always gets me compliments and hopefully, one day, I'll look like the guy on the box.... | The Perfume Shop - from £27 (30ml)

This product is fairly new to me, but it one that delivers great results. I'll admit that I can be very lazy when it comes to shaving and sometimes let my stubble grow a little too long and end up on the edge of looking well kept, and homeless. This beard trimmer is the perfect tool to help maintain a clean appearance without having to be cleanly shaven. It has a number of different attachments and can be used to achieve a large number of lengths and styles. | Braun - £19.99
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