Monday, 28 March 2016


Updating your home doesn't have to be a huge task or stressful one at that. You can achieve a whole new look through the addition of a few key pieces. I try and stick with neutral colours as it makes everything interchangeable and keeps the work level to a minimum. If I ever want to introduce anything new, I know it'll match my colour scheme and fit the feel of my home. I love how relaxing and calm my house is - it's a great place to wind down at the end of the day and to work on my blog.

I thought I'd compile a list of a few things that I like at the moment. They're form a variety of places but are things that I either have in my room or that I can see fitting into other people's homes. I think they're all pieces that will update anyone's room and create a relaxing atmosphere. The colours I went for are on trend at the moment with a mix of pattern and mixed metals thrown in there too. I like when people's homes match their personality so find what colours and theme's work for you and run with it! It doesn't have to be expensive and can be really fun. I hope you like them!

1. £5.99 Anthropologie | 2. £24 House of Fraser | 3. £64 House of Fraser | 4. £3.50 Primark | 5. £22 Anthropologie 

As I mentioned in a previous post, most of my furniture was bought in either a vintage or thrift shop. I like giving something a new life and painting old pieces is a great way to inject a bit of colour into the room. It's also a really cheap way of updating your home. I find sticking with neutral bedding and adding accented throws or pillows works well too. It means you can change the feel of a room with little effort and can always update it depending on the time of year. I went for white sheets with grey and plaid throw pillows. Aztec or stripes also work great with white sheets as they create a statement and add interest to a blank canvas. Adding a bit of greenery adds life to the room, so buy a plant and find a statement pot to add a splash of colour. 

1. £4.99 Zara | 2. £40 Urban Outfitters | 3. £12 George | 4. £21 Habitat | 5. £3 Primark   

It's great to mix it up and add contrast in textures. I like to use metallic tones and glass to balance out the soft items. Hardware and drawer handles are an easy way to add design and personality to any space. They have become more widely available on your high streets and start at around £4.99 for a pack of two. I've used a number of different ones for a more quirky and stylish look. I like to continue this with ornaments and lighting. I have a number of glass jars with candles and light in and sprayed my oversizes lamp to match the frame on the other side of my bed. Having a colour palette and balancing out the room is a great way to make the space feel thought out. If I ever wanted to take the gold away and introduce another colour, this would be a relatively easy task and would give the room a whole new feel. 

 1. £9.99 Zara | 2. £20 Urban Outfitters | 3. £28 House of Fraser | 4. £45 Urban Outfitters | 5. £10-£42 Anthropologie

Recently, I've been finding a lot more candles that are targeted towards guys. They don't come at a high cost either which is great if you burn through them fast. It's nice to refresh the scent of your room with a relaxing scent and make your home smell great when entertaining. Another home accessory that I turn to is books. There's something homely and visually pleasing to a stack of books and the ones I have on display are from antique shops. I think I found some of them from as little as 20p so it's always worth a look if you want to give this a go. I also have a framed piece of typography art that reflects the literacy theme, but you can find a number of different options that look great on the wall or propped up on any surface. If you rent your home and can't hang anything on the walls, propping up a selection of different sized frames is a great damage free way to create interest in an empty space, or you can turn to the adhesive hooks by 3M - they're amazing! 

1. £39.99 Zara Home | 2. £36 House of Fraser | 3. £10 Anthropologie | 4. £8 TKMaxx | 5. £10 Anthropologie 

Whether it's just a few throw pillows or if you're looking for a whole room update, I think there's a few things that you can probably take inspiration from. Stick to a simple colour scheme based around a neutral base as this will allow you to make changes as you go along and get tired of anything. Group objects in an array of different heights (this creates interest and looks great) and use a mix of textures and materials. This isn't to say you can't stick to a small colour palette, but don't overdo one colour if you plan on changing everything in the near future. Most importantly, make sure your home reflects you. Put your own stamp on things and make it a place where you can unwind and enjoy yourself.
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